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I am a native Californian who grew up in a family that went camping a lot and sang in the car. My mother read aloud to her five children, all the classics from Winnie-the-Pooh to the Tolkien trilogy. My father was a warm and funny man, a middle school teacher and mentor to young people on the art of being human. My artistic tendencies reared their heads early. I loved to draw, paint, sing, dance, act, and write poetry. I still suffer from this affliction of multiplicity.
I came of age in the sixties, and participated wholeheartedly in the cultural and spiritual revolution of that time. I dropped out of Pomona College after one year to devote myself to being blown by the wind, eventually landing on a commune in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon with a view of Mt. Shasta, a huge organic garden, goats, my future husband, and a charismatic leader. This group morphed into a dance-theater company in which I performed for ten years.
My husband and I eventually left with our two sons, came to Santa Cruz, produced a daughter, and dropped back in to college and a more grounded lifestyle. I studied art and writing at UCSC. After graduating I worked for many years as a freelance editor. I jumped into the wonderful African dance community here. I launched my kids. I discovered backpacking. I rediscovered the lure of the desert and mountains. Eventually I zeroed in on visual art as my main focus and the sensual Earth as my main subject.

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