About My Art

My eye is aroused by landscapes of bare earth and rock, the crevices of an eroded cliff or a sensuous sweep of dunes. My art emphasizes the architecture and geometry of these formations. I want to convey something of their mysterious, powerful presence, and the sense of graceful gesture and vibrant life I feel within their static, inanimate shapes.
I like to create an image that is recognizable as a real place—not abstract—but still suggestive of the universal patterns underlying the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms and mirrored in the mind. I restrain my palette, so that composition takes precedence over color. The result is a spare and precise style that leans more toward the graphic than the painterly.
I hope that my work speaks of our kinship with the earth, not just the lush, pretty, or monumental places, but the raw, lonely and anonymous places, too.

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